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Half-Life Simulation Essay

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A half-life can be defined as the period of time for a substance to decay by half. Decay may be caused through radioactive decay or 'self-rate' decay. Radioactive decay includes:

 Gamma radiation,
 Beta radiation,
 Alpha radiation.

Alpha radiation has the least penetrating power and travel very short distances through air. They are unable to penetrate through skin; therefore, they are harmless to humans if direct contact is made. Alpha radiation can, however, cause harm to humans if inhaled, ingested, or let into the blood stream through open wounds.

Beta radiation has the second most penetrating power and they may travel metres through the air.   Beta radiation, unlike alpha, can penetrate through the skin; however, they can only penetrate through the germinal layer. Items such as clothing can prevent beta radiation to penetrate the skin.

Gamma radiation has the most penetrating power and can travel many metres through the air. Gamma radiation easily penetrates through many centimetres of the skin. Clothing and other similar items offer little to no protection against gamma radiation.
The purpose for conducting this investigation is to simulate a half life using die and to see whether or not they would have a constant half life.
The hypothesis is that as the number of throw increases, so will the number of die; therefore, the possibility of taking out that particular number will also decrease. For example, if it decided that every dice with the number 4 should be taken out, then with every roll, the possibility of taking out dice with number 4 decreases. By doing this, there should be a constant decrease in the dice. This simulates a half-life.
• Independent: The number that should be taken out with each roll.
• Dependent: The amount of dice left with each roll.
• Constant: The same set of die was used. The tray in which the die were rolled was also kept the same.
• Dice (100)
• For the purpose of...

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