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Hamlet Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on October 20, 2013
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Hamlet is a character with a complex mind. Throughout the play, the audience is able to take a deeper look into Hamlet’s many intricate thoughts and emotions. First of all, in the very beginning of the play it is revealed to the audience that Hamlet has a depressed state of mind. For instance, in the play Hamlet expresses his melancholy after his mother marries his uncle, Claudius. Hamlet’s depression is represented by the silhouette of the man sitting in the chair. Also, Hamlet has grown to despise life and desire death. He feels that death would release him from all of his sorrows and troubles. For instance, Hamlet expresses his wish for death in his “To be or not to be…” soliloquy (Act 3, Scene 1). Hamlet’s desire for death is represented by the skull and the dark creature beside it in the collage. Furthermore, Hamlet often thinks about his mother’s betrayal. Gertrude remarried just one month after Old Hamlet’s death. Hamlet sees this as an act of disloyalty against his father. This is represented by the queen’s crown on the collage just above the word ‘hatred.’ In addition, Hamlet has expressed his complete hatred for his uncle, Claudius. He sees Claudius as a serpent who committed fratricide just to gain power. This is represented in the collage by the snake and the king’s crown.. Additionally, Hamlet is always thinking of ways to put on an antic disposition. This is represented by the man’s face in the broken mirror above the word ‘madness’. It also represents how Hamlet’s life has fallen into pieces after the death of his father and his interaction with his father’s ghost. The image of the lady in the bottom right-hand corner represents Ophelia. Hamlet has shown his affections for Ophelia and declared his love for her during her funeral. Although Hamlet had made awful remarks towards Ophelia, the audience soon learns that his love for Ophelia truly was real. Finally, despite all of the negativity that surrounds Hamlet’s character, he still has a...

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