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Hamlet and Feminism Essay

  • Submitted by: Huijeong
  • on September 21, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Hamlet and Feminism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Hamlet and Feminism

It’s obvious that the most important female character in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” is Gertrude, the Queen of Denmark and the mother of Hamlet. When reading “Hamlet” for the first time, Gertrude seems not to be a powerful or mighty person. She also has relatively few lines when compare to other characters in the play. One might think that she is a minor character. However, a closer reading of “Hamlet” reveals that Gertrude is a significant character that influences Hamlet. This is because Hamlet’s actions, ideas and thoughts are effectively influence by his mother. In other words, Gertrude affects the way Hamlet thinks about life and himself. This paper will deal with the characterization of Gertrude and how she plays a significant role in “Hamlet.”
Gertrude is a mother who loves her son, Hamlet, and worries about him and losing him. You can see her inner feelings, such as “Let not thy mother lose her prayers, Hamlet, / I pray thee stay with us” (1, 2, 118-119) and “So shall I hope your virtues / Will bring him to his wonted way again” (3, 1, 39-40). These lines show that Gertrude is an ordinary mother, not just Queen of the Denmark, when she concerns about her son. However, even with Gertrude’s continual affections to Hamlet, she is a suspect in the death of Hamlet’s father, and she is also suspected of adultery with King Claudius. A charge is made by Hamlet. Gertrude is a character that is conflicted. On one side she is a loving caring mother, but on the other hand her own son suspects her of being a murderess and adulterer. Hamlet sees and treats Gertrude as an untrustworthy person. The more Gertrude loves or shows affection to Hamlet, the more he mistrusts her, pulls away from her and isolates himself from her. Gertrude cannot tell Hamlet that marrying King Claudius was actually to protect Hamlet’s right to become king. As a result, the Gertrude’s motherly love and the Hamlet’s mistrust create a lack of communication that makes their...

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