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Hamlet and the Lion King Essay

  • Submitted by: tylersookdeo
  • on January 27, 2013
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There are a tremendous amount of literary works that can be compared due to vast amounts of similarities between themes, characters and conflicts. Hamlet and The Lion King are two of those literary works that uniquely correspondent to each other. When The Lion King was produced in 1994 , it was simply an animated children’s film,   however, if further investigated we can see it is in fact a modern translation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Taking a more in depth look, you will certainly see many parallels between the two stories, and even in the dialogue. Both stories are of a young male character who is distraught by the early death of his father. An uncle takes the rightful place to the young princes' thrown, and both princes have to overcome their own doubts for the good of their home.
Even from the very opening scene we can see the parallels between the two main characters. Simba, in The Lion King nearly embodies Hamlet. They are both the rightful heir to the thrown being son of the king. Unfortunately, each prince have a wicked uncle who longed for the throne. To gain the thrown, Claudius poisoned Hamlet Sr. and then marries hamlets mother Gertrude. Likewise, Scar throws Mufasa to his death to become leader of the pack, hence “marrying” Simba's mother Sarobi. At the same time, Hamlet Jr. is absent being “exiled” away to college. Simba is also not in the Pridelands, but rather exiled in the jungle by Scar for being “guilty” of his father's death.
In both stories, each prince while in exile gradually finds there way, as the ghosts of their father come into play. Hamlet Sr. comes to Halmet Jr. in the middle of the night and tells him that the rightful heir is not on the throne. In the lion king, Mufasa's ghost also comes to Simba and say's “ Simba, you have forgoten me...You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me... You must take your place in the Circle of Life.” In both cases, the princes' realize something is wrong from their fathers. They in turn...

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