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Hamlet Final Draft Essay

  • Submitted by: tayfloretta
  • on January 24, 2013
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Hamlet Essay
Times have not changed, even in the renaissance period women were commonly portrayed in media as delicate beings that needed the guidance of a man to function in society. In Hamlet by William Shakespeare Gertrude and Ophelia resemble the opinion men have had of women for as long as humans have inhabited the earth. As the only female characters in the play both women presented themselves to be dependent on one, or several men in their life. Placing all women in one stereotype is what allowed Hamlet to act similarly towards both of them throughout the play. Because of his Oedipal complex Hamlet begins to distrust his mother after her second marriage, which made him lose trust in all women including his love Ophelia.  
Gertrude’s deceit confused Hamlet because his innate desires to kill his father and be with his mother were no longer an option. Gertrude is Hamlets antithesis, in that she does not see the destruction and turmoil she has caused from her hasty marriage. When Hamlet tries to illustrate how she is at fault she responds by saying “Thou hast thy father much offended” (3.4.10). She implies that Hamlet should respect Claudius as his own father, disregarding the notion that Claudius may be his father’s killer and also the reason for Hamlets grief. Proving she has already completely moved on from Hamlets father, this further motivates him to accomplish what he has sought out for all along: a chance to kill his mothers’ lover and seize his place.   Hamlet realizes he “is being deprived by Claudius of no greater share in the Queen’s affection than he had been by his own father”. (Jones-16) Therefore, his desire to carry out Claudius’ death is not less than his desire to kill his father when he was living. However, Hamlet’s conflict is that Claudius ultimately achieved what he wanted to do all along, so he has trouble finding it in himself to kill someone that he admires but also loathes. Ultimately, Gertrude’s ignorance in her relationships causes...

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