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Hamlet Review

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  • on January 24, 2013
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The play Hamlet was written by William Shakespeare. The play consist of a young prince who seeks revenge after he finds out that his uncle the king now and married to his mother   , killed his father the former king. The play is full drama.   Hamlet is one of Shakespeare greatest work. The play ends in a very sad note, with some of the main characters dying.
A quote that is said in the play by young Hamlet is “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” this quote meaning that something wrong is happing in the kingdom. This quote is said by Hamlet because the royal family is all messed up; the fact there’s a war with Fortinbras, and the fact that his father died all of sudden. The quote is said to make the reader of the play think of the bad things going on.
The royal family is rotten and messed up because after hamlets father’s death his mother married his uncle the person who took over the kingdom and became the new king.   Hamlet is very sad and angry at the fact his mother moved on so quick after his father’s death. For example, in the play it said “As if increase of appetite had grown by what it fed on: and yet, within a month. Let me not think not Frailty, thy name is woman! ,A little month, or ere those shoes were old, with which she followed my poor father's body.” That line right there explains most of his pain and bothers.
Something else that is rotten in Denmark is the fact that Young Fortinbras is trying to redeem the land his father lost when he was killed by Hamlets father. Even though Young Fortinbras was a child when his father died, he still holds the grudge till this day. For example, in the play it said “On his way, the captain encounters Hamlet, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern on their way to the ship bound for England. The captain informs them that the Norwegian army rides to fight the Poles. Hamlet asks about the basis of the conflict, and the man tells him that the armies will fight over “a little patch of land / that hath in it no profit but...

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