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Han and Roman Essay

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  • on January 26, 2013
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Using the documents, analyze Han and Roman attitudes toward technology. Identify one additional type of document and explain briefly how it would help your analysis.
The Han and Roman peoples had different views on technology. The Han praised the value of technology more than the Romans. The Han see technology as a way to help people work less and get things done quicker, but the Romans had an opposite thought, they didn’t care about the common people like the Han, the upper class Romans were using the technology to benefit themselves not the commoners, both the Han and Roman both find technology appealing.
The Han viewed technology as a way to help people with their work; they invented stuff like paper and etc. These inventions were mainly used to help people and fix the problems in their society. According to document 1, the Han government used technology to get rid of disasters like flood, this shows that they cared about their people enough to get rid of flood for them, it’s seemed like the Han mainly built their technology to help their people. In document 2, Haun Guan showed why technology is used to aid the Chinese, he talks about the problem that the people were having without the proper technology or without any technology such as iron tools that the workers uses. He then talks about how the technology provided for workers were hard and fragile, and how the poorest peasants had no choice but to do their work with weak technology. Document 4 talks about Tu Shih, a governor of Nanyang, who invented a water-powered blowing engine to help people with the casting of iron agriculture, so people can enjoy great benefits for little labor. The Han wanted to save their people from working too hard by inventing technologies to help them with their work.
The Romans, however, showed no concern for the common people benefitting from technologies. In document 5, Cicero said “Vulgar and unbecoming to a gentleman are all the jobs hired workers take on… All craftsmen...

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