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Happy123 Essay

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  • on October 17, 2013
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日本文化包含了傳統和現代的改革.; 在其中一方面它保留了傳統的文化如和服和禮儀, 可以追溯到千年前; 在另一方面由於不斷快速變化的社會例如潮流和科技發展, 使日本社會迅速發展.
Japanese culture contains traditional culture and modern reformation; on the one hand it preserves the traditional culture such as kimono and rituals which can be traced back thousands of years ago; on the other, Japanese society rapidly develop due to the trends and technological developments.

日本公司的文化比其他國家的公司更謹慎, 並且對員工的要求也是很嚴謹. 分層組織是最常見的因為日本公司的決定需要公司各個等級一層層地溝通才可達成,而且每個決定都非常慎重和保守以避免減少錯誤的發生和確保每個階層都能一致. 除此之外, 為了提高員工對公司的忠誠度, 日本公司主要推行現金獎勵並且服務時間越長獎勵就會越多.
日本的傳統文化延續地影響日本的社會例如花見. 花見是一種民間習俗, 意思是同事們下班後, 一起喝酒和賞花的節目. 主要目的是增加同事們的感情通過互相交流利用下班的時間. 日本公司通常都是由日本人管理,因此大部分的員工都有着相同的文化背景所以他們的交流都很有默契. 因此日本的文化不單影響國民的日常生活, 並且影響公司的運作和員工的交流.

Japanese corporate culture is more cautious than the other countries, also the request of the staff is rigorous. Firstly, hierarchical organization is the most common technique for a Japanese company because every decision needs to reach by the communication of the organizational layer as well as it must be cautious and conservative in order to avoid the errors and ensure the consistent of organizational hierarchy. In addition, in order to improve the employees’ loyalty to the company, the Japanese company mainly provide cash incentives to their stuff which is based on their length of service.
Japanese traditional culture continually influences the society such as Hanami. Hanami is a kind of folk customs, meaning that colleagues can have a drink together and flower viewing. The main purpose of Hanami is to increase the trust of colleagues through mutual communication at the time off work. Also, Japanese companies are usually managed by the Japanese; therefore most of the employees have the same cultural background so they can have a great understanding of communication. Therefore, Japanese culture does not only affect the people’s daily life, also affect the company’s operations and employee society.


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  • Submitted by: 0449185918
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 402 words
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