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Hatcher of the Fugly Essay

  • Submitted by: roofy95
  • on September 22, 2012
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The Hatcher of the Fugly

If you’re really interested in my story, you need to first know where it all started. I remember the day I hatched from my egg; I guess I was pretty darn late. When I came out I saw all those phony ducklings staring at me as if I’m a goddam clown, I even heard old ma’ call me an ugly duckling. I really wasn’t sure if she was mine, she really didn’t look like it. Well anyway, I walked away from all those yellow pieces of crap, I was beginning to feel like a loner. But I didn’t give a damn about those sonuvabitches. But I had nowhere to go, I knew no damn thing, so I just stayed around with ‘em all. The days went by and I grew stubborn more and more ‘bout leaving. What all my siblings do is make fun of my goddam color, you know what they really are? They’re all just a bunch of racist phonies.
Anyway, I finally got the balls to runaway from all that crap. When I got the chance, I jumped into the pond and swam as far as possible. When I finally reached sand again, I thanked god I was gonna rest for a while, even though I really wasn’t sure there was one. Well when I reached the sand and took a rest, some old crappy human with a blazing firing stick and a dog were hunting my ass. I flew away into the darkness of the bushes, where no one could see me. The old bastard kept me shaking for days! I was now in this swanky place with nothing to eat and no one to talk to, I had no reason to live. I even thought of goin’ back to that hunting bastard, but I couldn’t imagine him gobbling me up with his damn grotty teeth, and my breasts stuck between his left jaws, so I stayed where I was. After a while, I was sure the coast was clear, so I went around looking for anyplace to go to. I finally found this huge hut where a wrinkled lady lived at. She found me and fed me everyday, what a nice woman that was. I later realized that she was feeding me to grow and be with her other ducklings. Once she realized that we don’t go along normally, she turned to a...

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