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Hate Essay

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Below is an essay on "Hate" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

What is literature?
L-ifelong learning
  I- ________ insight
T-heatre of life
E- ________ education
R-adical richness
A-________ of form and lecture
T-ruth in the telling
U- ________ pleasurable
R-apturous appreciation
E- ________ in experience

What are the four genres of literature?
  1) Prose fiction
• Myths, _______, romances, ______, short stories
  2) ___________
• Open form and closed form
• Relies on imagery, _______, sound
  3) ___________
  * Made up of dialogue and set direction
• Designed to be _________
  4) Nonfiction prose
• News reports, ________, essays, editorials, textbooks, historical and biographical works

What are the elements of fiction?
  * Essence of fiction- narration (the telling)
  * Elements of fiction
______________ - realism
        Must be compelling enough that the reader can “suspend
Donnee- _________
Something given by which you can judge the realism = ground rules
Sources of elements
– Character, _______, structure, theme, symbolism, style, ________, tone, irony
Plot and Structure
Plot = reflection of motivation and causation
– No plot = The king died and then the queen died.
– Plot = The king died, and then the queen died of grief.
• Conflict = controlling impulse in a connected pattern of causes and effects
– Opposition of two or more people (e.g., hatred, envy, anger, argument, avoidance, gossip, lies, fighting, etc.)
• Dilemma = Conflict within or for one person
– ________   is a major element of plot because it arouses curiosity, causes doubt, creates tension, produces interest
– No tension = no interest
Structure of Fiction

Characters in Fiction
• Character = verbal representation of a human being
– Rounded = lifelike, full, dynamic, reader can predict future behavior because of an understanding of the personality
  * ________ = the hero or heroine, main person in the story,
person on the quest, etc.
– Antagonist = the person causing the conflict, in opposition to
the protagonist, the...

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