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Hatred Essay

  • Submitted by: suttvc22
  • on November 13, 2012
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If anyone has ever felt a strong dislike towards a person for something they have done or what someone thinks they will do. If someone acts cruel or mean towards another person, these feelings can all be defined by most people as hate. Hating is thought of in many ways from racism, sexism, to how others act towards a person with a certain social status or towards the appearance of someone.
The world is full of many emotions and feelings from love to jealousy, but one of the most familiar is hatred. Hatred can be defined in a number of different ways. The way a person acts towards another person can show hatred, if a person defies everything that a certain person does even if it is the right thing or best thing it can be considered a sign of hate. If a person does not let another participate in events with everyone else and leave them out of groups and/or fun, can be described as a type of hate. Hate can be confused with jealousy, when an ex-boyfriend sees another person with his ex he may act like he hates the person because he won’t talk to that person or interact with the new boyfriend at all. He could really just be jealous of the other person and feel awkward interacting with the new significant other or they just don’t want to feel that someone got something that he wanted and still want.
Hatred is a word that every person that has emotions will feel in their lifetime, whether it is the hating of their favorite sports teams rival or of a single person. Hatred is a feeling not an emotion or a physical effect though, it can show physically by the way a person acts towards another person. Hatred shows on the person that is being hated. Someone could change their appearance in the way they dress and how they act due to the affect it has their self-esteem. A good example would be emo people, who believe the world is against them and that they are looked down upon or another word hated by society and that they will never fit in. They generally wear dark colored...

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