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Hazards Essay

  • Submitted by: voyefolu
  • on January 6, 2013
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Growth and development is connected in 4 different ways such as:
  * Physical – it is the development of each part of your body system and it is affected by both factors that inherited genetic and inherited factors.
  * Intellectual-it is to do with the aspects of the brain and the development of the way your brain works.
  * Emotional: emotional development is about the growth and understanding of the individual’s feelings. It’s also the ability to receive and give love, care and affection. Emotional development closely links to the development of self-esteem.
  * Social: it is about the connection you make with people and becoming a part of the society. It involves your friends and immediate family as well as the community we live in.

Birth and infancy (0-3years)
Infancy is a time when growth and development is very quick.
Physical development: babies are quite vulnerable and helpless when they are born compared with most other animals and in other to continue to live they need to be taken care of. To ensure that they are taken care of they are born with various unlearned and quick response to a provocation which is usually needed to survive or for care. These include rooting, stepping, sucking, swallowing, grasping and the startle reflex.
Babies are most motionless when they are given birth to and have minimum muscular co-ordination, but they are able to aim their eyes and go with a sound from side to side as well as being able to cry and make burbling sounds.
  After sometime their muscles begins to build up and they start to command or take charge of their movements. This admits them to start exploring their environment and learn how things work.
Intellectual development: it applies to the development of the brain and allows us to identify, keep in mind, think, and understand information around us. Humans develop communication skills which allow us to make ourselves understandable and to develop relationships.
As young children communicate with...

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