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Hca220 Week8 Essay

  • Submitted by: ninadj85
  • on February 19, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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The article I picked was about neck lumps or intramuscular haemangioma.

The article goes into detail about how intramuscular haemangioma can be hard to

diagnoses. The case mentioned in the study was about a intramuscular haemangioma

located in the sternocleidomastoi muscle. These lumps, first of all, are rare, which causes

the knowledge of these lumps to little. There is little known about the lumps and little

first hand experience with them. The article tells of a case where the patient has a

lump in her neck muscle. The article tell of all the steps that were taken, which were not

needed, to try to figure out what was going on .

            The biggest implication that this article has for the health care professionals

is the knowledge. By reading this article medical professionals well be able to understand

a different illness. By first understanding what it is the faster someone can diagnoses.

This well allow the patient to get treatment and fully understand what is going on. This

well also help the patient by not getting useless procedures done that were not needed.

From this article a medical professional well be able to better help the patient. Over all I

believe that more knowledge is better. More research needs to be done to help understand

rare illnesses. This way the knowledge can be passes on and more medical professionals

can treat these rare illnesses faster.

|       |Medical Word                 |Prefix             |Combining form           |Suffix         |Definition                                     |
|1     | intramuscular               |intra-             |muscul/o-               |-ar           |Within a muscle                               |
|2     | sternocleidomastoid         |sterb/o-           |cleud/o-     mast/o-     |-oid           |Two muscles in the neck that help the neck to |
|       |                             |                   |                         |               |rotate and flex...

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