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Advertisement to children
Marketing to children is one of the marketing technique uses by most of multinational fast food companies around the world because they believe that kids are the consumer of tomorrow, which makes the market of share of the future. Marketing to children is very effective way to gain customer. Children these days have a lot of control over their parents spending. This means if the child wants something from the fast food restaurant, they will ask their parents to buy for them because obviously they can’t buy for themselves nor have money; this is when parents also get tempted to buy for themselves. Fast food restaurant target children because they know they can also influence their parents at the same time. To attract children, they use through things like Pester Power, Toys and Sponsorships.
One way multinational fast food companies market to children is because of pester power. Pester power is the ability possessed by a child to nag a parent relentlessly until parents succumb and agrees to the child’s request. Through Pester Power, children have assumed role of being the 'ultimate weapon' in influencing family spending because of the how they consistently nag their parents. As a result, children have been likened to being a "Trojan Horse" within the modern household for marketing companies. Children have the power to persuade their parents (kidfluence) to buy them something they don’t really need. To children, the rules are simple. They base themselves on two laws: the laws of perseverance and the law of necessity. The first law is simple: quitters never become winners. In this case the children repeatedly and incessantly nag their parents until they get the product they want. Research has shown that after 9 nagging sessions’ parents eventually give in. The law of necessity is more effective. This is when children use real arguments such as why a certain product would be good for them or what negative aspects would come from not...

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