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Health and Safety at Work Essay

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Public-protection standard statement 3 : Maintaining health and safety at work

Knowledge and Skills Framework
core dimension

Performance criteria (adapted from the Skills for Health database1)
Promoting a safe working environment
1. Make sure that you know your organisation’s health, safety and security procedures and follow them
while you work.
2. Before you begin work always:

Health, safety and security

check and use any risk assessments
examine the areas where you work and any equipment you use to make sure that they are safe,
and meet your organisation’s health and safety policies and

remove, where possible, anything that might pose a health and safety risk.

3. Take account of your patient’s needs and choices while protecting your own safety and the safety of
patients, staff and others when working.
4. Work within the limits of your own role and responsibilities in relation to health and safety.
5. Get help to sort out health and safety problems where necessary.
6. Report health and safety issues to the appropriate people and fill in health, safety and security records
in line with the law and your organisation’s policies.




Reducing risk
7. Work with others to reduce potential risks in your workplace.
8. Make sure that your own health and hygiene does not pose a risk to others.
9. Make sure that the appropriate people know where you are at all times to make sure you are safe.
10. Check for health, safety and security risks while you are working and take appropriate action if an
accident or injury or harm is likely .
11. Check that people who are in your workplace have a right to be there.
12. Use approved procedures when carrying out work that could be dangerous including:

using correct moving and handling techniques

using appropriate hygiene procedures

wearing the correct protective clothing for the situation, environment and activities


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