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Health and Social Care Unit 8 Outcome 9 Essay

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  • on August 9, 2015
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Outcome 9.1
Indicators of stress can manifest as disturbances in sleep patterns, or changes in normal appetite.   Feelings of anxiety or loss of concentration as well as a quick temper or irritation when you would usually be quite calm and collected.   A low tolerance of disruption like noise.  

One or more of these could indicate that you are stressed.  

Emotionally stress can cause people to feel –
• tense, uptight and angry
• depressed, anxious, tearful, worthless
• unable to cope, concentrate or make decisions
• tired and stretched to the limit
• uninterested in anything
• can bring on asthma attacks.

Physical stress can cause people to feel –
• tension in the muscles
• headaches
• high blood pressure, heart attack, stoke
• ulcers
• increases in infections such as colds and cold sores.

Outcome 9.2
If I’m put under pressure to get something done I can sometimes work better and produce a better quality of work.   However, it is a fine line between a healthy stress and then feeling like I can’t cope.

When I get stressed due to lack of sleep or I have had a very long day I can find myself feeling tense with a pounding head ache.   I can also feel tearful, especially when over tired.   I can get very angry and uptight and will usually take this out on family rather than at work. I also suffer from colds – one after the other.

Knowing these signs and symptoms though, I can step back and take a look at what is causing the stress or anxiety and deal with the problem rather than the symptoms.

Outcome 9.3
Lack of time off.   I should get every second weekend off however due to the nature of the post I have to cover calls if need be to ensure the safety of the customers.   This means that I seldom get my days off and have to work many weeks without a day off.  

The working day is also long as I have to be up early to cover calls in the morning and then spend most of the day either in the office or covering calls.   Having an evening off...

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