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Health Assessment Framework Essay

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1. Define two different methods or frameworks (Not tools) commonly used to collect health assessment data.
        As we know from Berman et al (2012), health assessment is the first component of nursing process; this stage helps to identify client’s needs, clinical problems by using different assessment framework based on nursing model. I’m going to talk about two commonly used frameworks to collect health assessment data .They are: Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns and Orem’s Self- Care Model.
Gordon’s functional health pattern (FHP)
      According to Berman et al (2012) Gordon’s functional health pattern (FHP) is a method developed by Marjory Gordon. Oniwana (2007) in her article suggests that this method provides a comprehensive care plan in the nursing process to collect health data   to formulate nursing diagnoses. Johnson, T. (2000) noted that the FHP assessment framework can be use is any practices area (e.g., acute, chronic, home care, etc.) for client of all age and in assessment of families and communities.
      Gordon (2010) proposed 11 functional health pattern guides which is quite a systematic and standard approach to data collection (Berman et al, 2012). They are: health perception-health management, nutrition- metabolic pattern, elimination pattern, activity- exercise pattern, cognitive – perceptual pattern, rest- sleep pattern, self-perception – self-concept pattern, role- relationship pattern, sexuality- reproductive pattern, coping- stress tolerance pattern, value- belief pattern (Berman et al, 2012).

Orem’s Self Care Model
      Orem’s self -care model is developed by Dorothea Orem (Berman et al, 2012). Orem (2001) believed that each person have their own ability to perform self-care and are responsible for their health (as cited in Simmons, L. 2009).
        Orem (2001) identifies four other client related concepts; self- care, self- care deficits, self- care nursing system and self-care demand (as cited in Kumar C., 2007)....

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