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Health Psychology Essay

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  • on January 7, 2013
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Health   Psychology
Psychology is the science behind the mind or mental states and processes. It is also the science of human and animal behaviour. (Dictionary, 2012) Health psychology’s main role is to understand the way people engage and look after their health and how social, cognitive and physical factors make people act in a certain way. Its aim is to try and help change someone’s behaviour, change their way of thinking or to see what is going on in their environment in order to help them keep themselves in good health.
This essay is going to look at two adolescent behaviours and apply the best model to which applies best to what has caused these behaviours. The two featured behaviours in this essay will be drug use and casual sex.
There are five psychological perspectives which aim to help us understand and explain individual behaviour. They are Psychodynamic, Behavioural, Cognitive, Humanistic and Biological. It will also look at the 2 models. The models are……….
The Biomedical model is souly looking at the health or biological side of things and that we don’t cause our illness’s, it looks for the cause rather than the contributing factors as Med lexicon (2004-2012) agrees “a conceptual model of illness that excludes psychological and social factors and includes only biologic factors in an attempt to understand a person’s illness or disorder” i.e. if a person is depressed it will go towards it being a chemical balance in the brain and nervous system. The biomedical model will suggest treating with drugs. “
The Bio psychosocial model on the other hand looks at all factors in that person’s life like environment, social life, e.c.t. i.e. if a person is depressed it would go towards looking at how that person’s lifestyle choices and social factors contributed to their current mental state. The psychologist would see if they are happy at where they are in their life. Unlike the biomedical model they wouldn’t go down the route of treating with...

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