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Health&Social Care Essay

  • Submitted by: bomasi
  • on September 20, 2012
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BTEC Award in personal and social
        Development level one
Unit 15: Exploring the impact of Diversity our

Task one (1.1&1.2)
The attitude is being showing is sexism and discrimination.
They very negative, they showing bad behavior the man who working with her is judging her bad. That is show Judith is prejudice because the people that work with are man.
Sexism because their think that s only men can do electrician.
The people who work with Judith are thinking like men and women can’t apply for the same job in society.
2. Manager treating her differently because of her gender women are important in our society same as a men.
In my opinion women can apply for the same work if she is qualified for it.
How has this attitude affect the behavior of Judith’s colleagues?
The behavior of Judith colleagues is prejudice they think that job is only for the men    
  3. How might the male colleagues behave if they had a positive attitude towards women?
  They would accept her and support her as a colleague.
The manager would treat her nicely may be they could accept her gender to work with them.
May they could encourage her to work in the group. Also they can talk about Judith family and to know each other.
1.What attitude towards religion is being shown?
The attitude towards is showing religion intolerance because of her culture.

2. How has this attitude affected the teacher’s behaviour towards Aisha?  
The attitude affect the teachers is not challenge.
The children are laughing and treating her different. They are bullying and the teachers encouraging children to do bad things to her.
The teacher does not challenge the children’s behavior, she says nothing to them, when they do bad to her.

3. How might the teacher behave if she had a positive attitude towards different religions?
  May be they have to accept her religion, culture; they could play with her, as a colleague they may love her, and be...

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