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Heart Essay

  • Submitted by: LOVEDEON
  • on September 18, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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MOUTHpH 6.8-7.0 |     * Cheeks and Lips   * Tongue   * Hard & Soft Palate   * Teeth   * Salivary Glands |     * Retains food in the mouth and essential for speech and suckling of infants   * Manipulates food between the teeth, taste buds detect food flavor, and lingual gland secretes saliva   * Allows breathing and chewing at the same time   * Breaks down food into smaller pieces and increases surface area   * Production of saliva which moistens and binds food into a bolus |
PHARYNXpH |     * Skeletal muscle tube   * Superior, Middle, and Inferior Pharyngeal Constrictors |     * Force food downwards during swallowing |
ESOPHAGUSpH |     * Muscular Tube 25 to 30 cm   * Cardiac Orifice   * Lower Esophageal Sphincter   * Esophageal Glands |     * Holds food briefly before entering the stomach   * Allows food into the stomach, prevents stomach contents from regurgitating into the esophagus and protecting esophageal mucosa from the erosive effect of stomach acid   * Secretes lubricating mucus into the lumen |
STOMACHpH |     * J-shaped smooth muscle sac   * Cardiac Region   * Fundus Region   * Body   * Pyloric Region   * Rugae   * Gastric Glands   * Pepsin   * Hydrochloric Acid |     * Breaks up food particles, liquefies the food to from chyme   * Holding area for food and gases     * Holds food and the largest portion   * Creates the Pyloric Sphincter with S.I. which opens allowing the stomach contents into the S.I   * Provides additional surface area surface area that allows distention of the stomach wall to accommodate food   * Produces Gastric Juice which is an acidic secretion of the stomach wall composed of water, hydrochloric acid, and pepsin   * Begins chemical digestion of protein molecules and fat   * Activates pepsin and lingual lipase, breaks up connective tissue and plant cell walls, and destroys ingested bacteria and pathogens |
SMALL INTESTINEpH |     * Duodenum   * Jejunum   * Ileum   * Intestinal crypts   * Villi...

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