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Heart of Darkness and the Soul of Man Essay

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  • on November 13, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Heart of Darkness and the Soul of Man" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The soul of man is discerned not through external theories and principles, but by pure introspection and meditation. Solitude and darkness are two great companions for the discovery of this truth, for they alienate all external restraints; therefore, the vast wilderness of the lawless jungle provides the perfect place for the discovery of the soul. The jungle calls upon the instinctive nature of a person, and becomes an immense power; how that voice echoes determines whether the person falls into the unfathomable darkness of his instinctive soul. And indeed, Marlow progresses psychologically into the depth of his soul through meeting various officials and taking note of how people respond differently to this call of darkness. Thus, not only is Heart of Darkness about Kurtz and the brutality of the Congo, it is also about Marlow’s psychological journey of self-discovery through his experiences in Brussels, the Outer Station, the Company Station, and the Inner Station.
In Brussels, Marlow’s idea of colonization is that it has brought civilization and enlightenment to the savages in the Congo. Although Marlow does not see himself as “an emissary of light, something like a lower sort of apostle” (Conrad, 18) like his naïve Aunt does, he still believes that Europeans has achieved some goodness and progress for the natives, despite of their justifiable brutality: “What redeems [this common conception] is the idea [of bringing civilization to the natives] only. An idea at the back of it; not a sentimental pretence but an idea; and an unselfish belief in the idea – something you can set up, and bow down before, and offer a sacrifice to…” (9). With this justification, Marlow firmly believes that Europeans have brought efficiency into the wilderness, and indeed, efficiency is the savior from the horrors of evil and savagery: “What saves [the civilized world] is efficiency – the devotion to efficiency” (9). However, his ideals come in conflict with the reality of what...

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