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Heartwired by Joe Haldeman Essay

  • Submitted by: OlgaSilver
  • on January 26, 2013
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Heartwiredby Joe HaldemanMargaret Stevenson walked up the two flights of stairs and came to a plain wooden door with the nameplate 'Relationships, Ltd.' She hesitated, then knocked. Someone buzzed her in.She didn't know what to expect, but the simplicity surprised her: no receptionist, no outer office, no sign of a laboratory. Just a middle-aged man, conservative business suit, head fashionably shaved, sitting behind an uncluttered desk. He stood and offered his hand. "Mrs. Stevenson? I'm Dr. Damien."She sat on the edge of the chair he offered."Our service is guaranteed," he said without preamble, "but it is neither inexpensive nor permanent." "You wouldn't want it to be permanent," she said."No." He smiled. "Life would be pleasant, but neither of you would accomplish much."He reached into a drawer and pulled out a single sheet of paper and a pen. "Nevertheless, I must ask you to sign this waiver, which relieves our corporation of responsibility for anything you or he may do or say for the duration of the effect."She picked up the waiver and scanned it."When we talked on the phone, you said that there would be no physical danger and no lasting physical effect.""That's part of the guarantee."She put the paper down and picked up the pen, but hesitated. "How, exactly, does it work?"He leaned back, lacing his fingers together over his abdomen, and looked directly at her. After a moment, he said: "The varieties of love are nearly infinite. Every person alive is theoretically able to love every other person alive, and in a variety of ways.""Theoretically," she said."In our culture, love between a man and a woman normally goes through three stages: sexual attraction, romantic fascination and then long-term bonding. Each of them is mediated by a distinct condition of brain chemistry."A person may have all three at once, with only one being dominant at any given time. Thus a man might be in love with his wife, and at the same time be infatuated with his mistress, and yet be...

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