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Hello Essay

  • Submitted by: soami013
  • on October 4, 2012
  • Category: History
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Should guns be out lawed totally ?

Nowadays ,in some countries to be in possession of an gun is something very normal. In some states of America ,   you can buy guns in each corner and for very low prices . But is this a good idea ? Should guns be totally banned ?
To be in possession of a gun can be as bad as good . Having a gun can make you feel better and more secure . It is also a sign of freedom .But it can also destroy life.   If you are in front of a very   contagious situation what will you do ? Will you tend to use your gun or no ? Probably you will use it because the conscience of the human being is like this , you will do   everything to survive . So to be in possession of a gun can be dramatic.   Furthermore having access to every kind of gun , can make a lot of damages , like amok run’s   or terrorist attacks .
For me ‘’guns’’ shouldn’t be banned totally . The dangerous guns like   firearms should be banned totally because they are to dangerous for the civilities   . Guns like tasers should be allowed , because they are not dangerous enough to kill someone and it is a good way to be protected and to feel save . Or if   it is impossible to ban guns , it would be more easier to make an exorbitant price for the bullets and guns, so people would not buy guns like they do it now .

Michael Soares Machado

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