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Helpng Hands Essay

  • Submitted by: lady1208
  • on October 19, 2013
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Functions of Managements

dense smith


January 22, 2013

    Jessuca kin

The   four   functions   of   management   is   as   followed   controlling,   planning,   organizing,   and   leading.   As   the   functions   of   everyday   management   skills,   we   utilize   to   complete   task   in   everyday   life,   as   well   as   one’s   personal   life.   Management   skills   are   a   very   important   in   the   goals   of   success   of   any   organization/business   future   endeavors.   As   management   the   one’s responsibility   and   role   of   each   member   of   the   team.   Management   is   the   process   of   working   with   people   in   an   organization/business   as   a   leader   and   has   the   ability   to   gain success in   the   ability   to   reach   the   goals   that   have   been   set   forth.   As   a   manager   the   role   is   to   support     staff   to   be   effective   and   efficient   with   the   ability   to   have   a   very   successful   level   of   productivity   to   have   the   ability   of   having   a   well   ran   organization.   As   a   human   service   worker   and   the   functions   of   management   is   a   respectable   part   of   the   team   that   will   lead   all   workers   in   the   functions   of   having   a   well-run   organization. As   a   manager   and   the   leader   of   the   team,   one   must   be   able   to   follow   and   respect   all   rules   that   can   help   all,   especially   the   people   that   you   are   severing.  

As   a   manager   and   a   leader   of   a   team   there   are   certain   functions   that   will   need to   be   followed.   Their   are   four   functions   of   management   controlling,   planning,   organizing,   and   leading.   These   functions   are   the   life   of   any   organization,   and   or   business. These   functions   will   allow   for   the   smooth   running   of   operation   that   all   managers   want   and   need.

The   first   function   is   leading.   Leading   is   the   function   that   many   of   managers   may   not   have   the   ability   to   achieve.   Mangers   have   to   have...

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