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Henri Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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In the passage from the book Cannery Row by John Steinbeck, there are two very equal length paragraphs that have two very different tones of how the speaker describes the main character Henri. The whole purpose of Steinbeck to write these two paragraphs in the first place was to build the character of Henri. Though henri is known for his french paintings, he lacks time to make a masterpiece, he actualy has never been to france and actualy doesnt even have a talent for painting. Rather, he is a skilled boat builder who has dedicated himself to sculpturing such shapes out of wood. Steinbeck uses many techniques throughout the entire passage to build such character, such as making both paragraphs just an entire juxtaposition, though the author does use other techniques that relate to sentence structure and repetition, such as alliteration.

Steinbeck uses two opposite techniques but both in a way to build the character of Henri. Steinbeck uses the technique of an asyndeton sentence structure. “Feverishly he followed in periodicals the Dadist movements and schism, the strangely feminine jealousies and religiousness, the obscurantism of the forming and breaking schools.” (Steinbeck 5). Steinbeck uses an asyndeton sentence structure to be able to put more information about Henri. This makes the reader feel as if they know Henri a little more since they just learned that he was a very busy man since he was involved with many things. He also uses the technique of a polysyndeton style sentence. “He had lived in a tent years ago when he started his boat and until galley and cabin were complete enough to move into.” (Steinbeck 20). This sentence is almost bragging of what Henri’s abilities could do, saying that he lived poorly until he could make his own house. By using a polysyndeton styled sentence the reader feels as if he accomplished much even though the sentence isn’t listing two things, but just connecting thoughts. Even though both techniques contradicted, they...

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