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Hercules 11Th And 12Th Task Essay

  • Submitted by: sacjr01
  • on February 19, 2012
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Time and time again he was faced with tests
Laboring and toiling to complete his assignments.
And yet, it still was not enough.
Ten tasks completed, but two were in vain.
For the price for redemption had gone up.
The slaying of the hydra, which was ten tasks in itself,
Along with the cleansing of the stables,
Was a feat that no normal man could bear.
His wit was his savior and his downfall.
And as punishment, there lingered another task.
Golden apples.
He must retrieve three golden apples from the garden of the Hesperides.
However, determined as he was,
He did not know the location of these formidable fruits.
But Nereus knew.
And so he traveled to the home of The Old Man of the Sea
And forced from him the location of his golden tickets.
From there, a path was laid before him
Which enticed his feet to follow.
He no longer needed a map to the apples,
But an Atlas instead.
Once again, wit was his greatest strength
And he persuaded the man to do his Titanic task.
So great was the load on the being’s shoulders
That he obliged to take the weight of the world off of himself.
Only the Titan could persuade the Hesperides,
For their blood was from the same lineage.
And so the mighty man took on the burdens of the world.
As Atlas stretched his legs and visited the garden,
The man felt the turmoil of all mortal’s burdens.
And so he waited,
And waited,
And waited.
And as the other man returned
He was ready to be relieved of the pressure he endured.
But the Titan had enjoyed the relief he was granted
And offered to travel the rest of his path for him
In exchange for a few more moments of assistance.
But the mind of the man was made
And he had come too far not to reach his goal.
So he flexed his trained mind to deceive the mighty being.
And as the heavens were lifted for him to adjust,
He snatched the bounty of fruit that he craved
And left the other to tolerate that terrestrial ball.
His task was done and no more should be done.

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