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Hermione Essay

  • Submitted by: mabaeza
  • on September 19, 2012
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Almost a year ago a well-known movie series Harry Potter ended. With its numerous amounts of actors and actresses Harry Potter has become a favorite throughout the world to both older and younger generations. The three main characters played by Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint have become famous throughout the world. From posters to Halloween costumes these three have received much attention from millions of fans worldwide. Hermione being the only main girl character has become a role model and inspiration to many girls around the world, but when analyzing her personality from different views one can note that Hermione may have some sort of personality disorder.
Hermione is an extremely smart, young, focused, and loyal friend to Ron and Harry. Her personality differs from that of Harry’s and Ron’s in many ways. Hermione remains on top of things and refuses to be outwitted by anyone else. She is at a constant battle with herself and others because she wants to be the best at everything while attending Hogwarts.   She has qualities that can be associated with the personality disorders associated within those in Cluster C. In this cluster, she is extremely sensitive to negative evaluations, anxious, and fearful of ultimately failing at anything. Her actions display that she is OCD. Hermione is overly pre-occupied with order and perfection. For example, she studies constantly even to the point where she is granted a time turner so she can go through time to keep studying. Before even attending Hogwarts she had set herself to memorize all the spell books by heart and even managed to perform some of them. She had to get all the spells perfect and forced herself to learn more every day. She has an unreasonable amount of standards that she requires herself to meet. Hermione took school very serious. The young wizard made sure she was a star pupil in class by answering all the questions even when not asked, doing her homework, and following all the rules to a...

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