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Hey Dan Essay

  • Submitted by: darkelder
  • on January 27, 2013
  • Category: English
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“hey dan!” said amy. Hey perfect hair fell down the side of her face. She brushed it away.
“umm y-y-yeah” I tried to smile but I was far too nervous to talk to my crush.
We were stuck on a business truck on a bridge waiting for construction workers to give us the all-clear.
“I didn’t know you liked springwatch: smiled amy.
“I –d-d-don’t” I stammered.
“I love nature documentrys!” said amy.
“t-then I do to!” I managed to say.
Sweat ran down my forehead.
I turned down the volume but my finger was cut on some rogue plastic.
“ow! Dammit!” I cursed. I sucked my finger.
“so, tell me about yourself!” she said to me.
Before I could answer the front of the bus tipped down. Everyone screamed and swore. I saw the floor in front of the coach crack. The construction workers where in pandemonium.
“GET OFF THE BUS!”   I shouted.
I grabbed amys arm and ran for the door.
“RUN!”shouted bill, my boss.
Gavin kicked open the emergency exit door open from the coach.
We leapt from the coach. Only four of us managed to get off in time before the coach flew down he hole into the Hudson river. The screams of my co-workers would haunt me forever.
“RUN! GET OF THE BRIDGE!” I screamed.
We all ran to the end of the bridge but everyone else had the same idea. I looked behind me to see a vat of boiling oil tip over due to the bridge shaking like an iphone on steroids. The oil sloshed out and onto,
“BILL!” screamed cece, his fiancée.
“FUUUUUU-“ screamed bill as his skin blistered but he could finish the sentence due to oil flowing down his throat…enough said.
Cece ran to him but gavin pulled her back,
“hes gone cece!” he shouted,
“NO!” shouted cece stubournly.
“HURRY UP!” I yelled at them. I was still holding amys hand.
We all ran like hell away from the increasing hole in the bridge. Cars were swallowed up, their contents howling. Then cece tripped. Her glasses flew from her face. She...

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