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Hfghgjhj Essay

  • Submitted by: tjhgjgh
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: English
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A common bird of Bangladesh (Crow)
Introduction : The crow is a common and familiar bird of Bangladesh also many other countries of the world. We see it from sum rise to sun set. We hear it caws early in the morning and get up from bed. The crow is found almost everywhere in the country.
Description : The crow is jet-black in colour. It had two strong bills. Its wings are large and strong. It has two ill-shaped legs with sharp nails. Its eyes are bright and keen. Its vice is very harsh. It is very ugly.
Kinds : Crows are of many kinds. They are the jack daw, the carrion, the rook and the raven. They differ in sizes, shapes and colours.
Voice : There is something disagreeable in the cry of the crow. Its cawing is not only harsh but also offensive.
Nature : The crow is a cunning bird. It is also greedy by nature. It steals away foods from the kitchen and also steals the eggs of other birds. The crow has great fellow feeling. If one of them is in danger others come in a body to attack the evil doers. It builds nest in high trees near the kitchen and most populous parts of cities and towns.
Food : The crow lives on rice, fish and flesh. It is fond of ripe fruits, chilly and other rotten things. It also likes swarms.
Usefulness : The crow is an ugly and wicked bird. But it makes our houses neat and clean by eating rotten things. In this respect it is our friend.
Conclusion : Nothing good or peaceful is ever associated with a crow. It is therefore hated by all, though the crow is not a pretty bird it does some good to us.

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  • Submitted by: tjhgjgh
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: English
  • Length: 295 words
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