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Hi/Bye Essay

  • Submitted by: poolew
  • on February 20, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Session 1 began with Kevin, the drummer, setting up his drum kit. We used 8 mics on the kit, adjusting them along the way. We also set up a direct box for the bassist Mike. Shawn the singer/guitarist planned to use an acoustic guitar so we set up mics for him in a separate booth so that sounds wouldn’t bleed into other mics. After that we gave each of the band member’s headphones, had them tune their instruments, assigned the tracks, check/adjusted levels, and finally did some recording. During session 1 we recorded four songs. Session 2 was basically the same exact thing. We miced the drum kit, set up a direct box for the bassist, and set up mics in a separate booth for Shawn. We finished recording the drums, bass, and scratch guitar during this session. As well, at the end of each class we took mic stands apart, put mics away, wrapped cables back up, and zeroed out the board.
Session 3 just consisted of us recording rhythm guitar. We miced Shawn’s acoustic guitar using two mics. One pointed at the neck of the guitar and the other at the hole of the guitar. We assigned the rhythm guitar to a new track, checked the levels, and than did some adjusting, as well we were able to get five songs recorded with rhythm guitar. On session 4 we once again set up the two mics for the guitar. Pointing one at the neck and the other at the hole of the guitar. We did our adjusting and finished the rhythm guitar on the last two songs. During this same session we set up the same two mics to record the piano. We brought them to the center of the piano and pointed them in opposite directions. We found a good height from the piano strings and assigned the mics to two new tracks and we recorded piano on five songs.  
On session 5 Shawn decided he wanted piano on one more song so we set the mics back up, once again bringing them to the center, but pointing them in opposite directions. We finished this song relatively quickly. After finishing this we took a vocal mic, moved it to the...

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