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Hi I'M Marci Essay

  • Submitted by: MarciLopez
  • on October 19, 2013
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Have you ever wondered what it was like 5,300 years ago? All because of Ötzi (or the Iceman) we have been able to see what it might have been like 5,300 years ago. This paper is all about Ötzi and his history.

The Iceman was discovered in 1991 by two German people that were hiking. He was found on the Oeteal, Alps 1,000 feet above sea level. When Helmut and Erika found him. They thought it was a same as usual someone got lost case but they were wrong. They reported their find to Markus Piramper who had called the proper authorities who had said they would recover the dead body the next day. Three weeks earlier the bodies of a man and woman who had gone hiking in 1934 and never returned, had been found. For that reason, they, like the Simon have assumed that the person had died by a climbing accident. Everyone was so anxious to get the dead body out. In the end both Italian and Austrian authorities were shocked to discover that rather it being a modern-day mountain climber, the man had died in 300 B.C.

Ötzi was named after the Ötzal Alps. He was 5’2”. He had blue eyes. He was a craftsman and a man of wealth. They say he was 46 years old when he died. They think he died by health but they also figured it could have been murder.   They found some of his equipment. He was really well prepared but the one question why was he up there? Was he hiking or going to make a trade.

  * His hat was made out of bear skins. Hunting a bear wasn’t that easy. It was very dangerous. That’s why a bearskin cap was a very valuable possession back-then not many people wanted to fight a big bear. The bearskin cap is Ötzi’s best-preserved piece of clothing.
  * Ötzi’s copper axe is the oldest example of practical metalworking. Not many had an axe at ready. It took a real blacksmith to make one. The axe is one of the most interesting objects Ötzi carried with him. It’s valuable because the blade is made of copper , and copper was the first metal.
  * Ötzi had a bow; he must...

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