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Hidden Intellectualism Essay

  • Submitted by: sam983
  • on September 18, 2012
  • Category: English
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Sam Rooke

Sam Rooke
Engl 1301 Sec. 15
14 Sept. 2012
Reading Response #5
In Hidden Intellectualism Gerald Graff explains how those who possess street smarts are
actual “hidden Intellectuals” and how the school system should attempt to have students focus on
subjects they enjoy, rather than subjects the teachers enjoy themselves. Graff excellently
incorporates Logos, Ethos, and Pathos into his argument which will be shown throughout the rest
of this paper.
Logos is shown all through Graff’s discussion very strongly. Graff easily recalls “endless,
complicated debates in this period with my closest pals over who was ‘the toughest guy in
school.’” giving his own testimony. He also describes later in life in how he realized he himself
was a hidden intellectual, showing even more logos through observation and testimony.
Ethos, being easier for a likable writer such as Graff, is less supported by actual experts
but rather pop culture icons. The author explains how Marilyn Monroe divorced sports icon Joe
DiMaggio and married Arthur Miller, a playwright, suggesting a switch from popularity of
physical superiority to intelligence. Because of the topic, the author displayed ethos especially
well using people with fame rather to experts.
Lastly, Pathos is used by Gerald Graff by using personal stories. “I grew up torn” says
Graff early on, suggesting from the beginning that his emotions are intertwined in this topic. The
author describes how he was “desperate for the approval of the hoods” showing even more his

Sam Rooke

emotion and, in effect, having the reader share it. Graff involves pathos in wonderful way
showing emotion enough to help readers connect with him.
Logos, Ethos, and Pathos are shown very well by the author to invoke emotion,
encourage belief, and help us side with him. Gerald Graff excellently portrays his ideas of
Hidden Intellectualism through out this excerpt.

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