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High School Jobs Essay

  • Submitted by: carlos01994
  • on November 13, 2012
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Nowadays,many high school students have part-time jobs, and that has caused a controversy to many people, wether having a part-time job is bad or benefits the student. High school students should have part-time job, because it will improve and benefit them in many ways.
One reason is that having a part-time job will get you work experience, and will have a much easier chance on getting other jobs in the future. Before even graduating from high school, students will have experience that employers will want to see, and will feel what's it like to have a job. They will also get a bit of the taste of what they will want to be in the future. For example, if someone wants to go into business, they can get a job as a salesman, and experience it first hand. Straat said that "Her work in the department store is providing experience for a future career in fashion merchandising" (270). Therefore, having working experience will benefit in the future.
Another reason to have a part-time job is because it will help you learn money and time management. Learning how to manage your money is a big deal, because it teaches you how to spend your money. For example, someone that has a part-time job, don't depend on their parents for money, so they learn how hard it is to gain money and how to spend it. Straat also said "Working also helped her to learn to manage both her time and money" (270). Once a student has a job, he or she will have to make a schedule, so they don't loose track of time or be late to work. They will also learn to manage money, which involves how to make a bank account, handle money, and deposit checks. Thus, they will use these skills they learn in the future.
Another reason to have job while still currently attending high school is that it can also help your family economically as it is another source of income. Students can now buy what they want without going to thier parents for money for what Oakes calls "the extras kids want"   or "to go on a trip with...

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