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Highschool in Another Country Essay

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  • on October 17, 2013
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The smell of gasoline poluted the streets, leaving behind an unwanted headache minutes before ariving at my new school.   My bowels were a coiled rattlesnake, ready to strike, just at the thought of what I was about to face.I took one long glimps at the school i would be spending the rest of my highschool career at.A tall green gate secured the entrance to the school. It was quite obvious they did not want any intruders breaking in or perhaps any rouge students escaping.Fences surrounded the school perimiter completely lined in razor wire, the same razor wire found on the fences of prisons.The courtyard was possibly the most attractive area through out the whole school.Multipile fruit trees were planted right in the center of the yard surrounded by colorful tropical flowers.
As i made my way passed the courtyard a fairly short lady in her 40's greeted me in the halls. Turned out she would be my new Biology teacher.The lady escorted me to my new classroom at the far end of the halls.One thing that stood out the most while we were passing the classrooms were that each classroom had iron bars on the windows.I couldnt exactly see how someone would go through the trouble to get passed razor wire and next iron bars. As we neared my classroom i could hear the sound of students rearaging desks into their proper position.Two knocks on the classroom door was all it took to scilence the students.I walked to the front of the class and introduced myself, i let everyone know where i was from, and why i enrolled at that school.Extremly nervous i started stuttering and i could hear some girls in the back giggling.the sudden sting of insecutity peirced me. i had the urge to just hide or perhaps stay home anouther day.My biology teacher made some quick hand motions towards the students instructing them to each stand one by one and introduce themselves to me.
A girl wearing the schools dull burgundy uniform quickly stood up after the students were dont the introductions.She...

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