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Hinduism and Judaism Essay

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  • on September 18, 2012
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Sandrakumar Shageenth
Hinduism and Judaism are two very important old religions that shaped and inspired the founding of many modern religions, and subset religions. Hinduism brought upon ideas that inspired Buddhism, Jainism and elements of Eastern Philosophy such as Taoism. Judaism inspired many modern religions such as all the branches of Christianity and Islamic religions. These two religions helped shaped the modern world with many of its key concepts.
Hinduism is a polytheistic religion based on the existence of many gods and many rituals to these gods. Hinduism is significant for introducing a system of hierarchy within its religion called the caste system. This system separates different groups of people by its social class (priests and nobles in the highest class and the servants and pariahs in the lowest class).   Another significant part of Hinduism is the justification for this caste system, the principle of reincarnation, where they believed that if one does his duty in his present life, he then will be reborn into a higher caste system. This justification of the division between the classes gave the lower classes hope and kept them from seeing the injustice in the caste system. The goal of this cycle of reincarnation was to reach the priest status where one can try to reach the finals stage Moksha, unity with the universal force. These two ideas gave inspiration and birth to Buddhism, where a man named Siddhartha, challenged the reincarnation of Hinduis. He formed the 8 noble paths to reach enlightenment (or Hinduism’s Moksha). He realized that there is no true god, only the universal force.
Judaism is one of the first monotheistic religions. Judaism introduced important concepts into belief of religion. One of the significant reasons Judaism is so important because it introduces the idea of one God you should worship or revere. The idea is that you should only worship or pray to this single God or deity. Another important aspect of Judaism is an...

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