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His Week 2 Assignment Essay

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  • on January 6, 2013
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Race in Turn of the Century America
  Natasha Stevenson
Leslie Ruff

In the 20th century life for many took a turn for the better….and worst. There were issues of equality, segregation, and feminine injustice. Many suffered greatly due to their current issues, and W.E.B wanted to take a stand for things. W.E.B du Bois was the African- American who predicted that one of the central problems of the 20th century would be how black and white Americans could live together in a just and equal society.  

The end of World War I back then was a real life changer for a lot of people in the 20th century. Women became less superior to men, and their legal, professional, and voting rights were degraded. On the other hand later in the 20th century women… and men fought hard for women’s equality, and finally made it to victory. After all the fights through the years justice was severed to many. The 20th Century was a major turning point the world because the majority of the century started at its worst but slowly became better over the years; also with the help of many who stepped forward.
Once the Gibson girl came about many men and other women felt threatened by these strong- willed females and started to believe that women were becoming stronger than men.   Men and women started to go around spreading thoughts about how they felt more females would want to become like “The Gibson Girl” and they would want to take over. This was why the issue of equality came to be. One issue that had to do with females and equality was the fact that women originally weren’t allowed to gain a university degree but as time progressed they were only able to gain university degrees at women’s colleges but not colleges like Yale or Harvard. Women also had a choice as whether or not to attend segregated schools of higher education (Bowles, Mark D. (2011), "American History 1865- Present/End of Isolation") such as Atlantic University which was where W.E.B Du Bois was a...

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