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Historical Analysis

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  • on October 19, 2013
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Rikke Sponheim
Walter p.1
Honors English 9
A Changing View of the World
“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.   It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”(Einstein).   Albert Einstein illustrates how something as simple as altering a person’s thinking can do major things like change the world.   Although this is true, sometimes it is the other way around, and an event or transformation in the world can shift a person’s way of thinking.   This was the case with Carol Cole.   When she was seventeen years old, Cole went to McGill University, in Montreal, Canada, to study physical therapy.   Deciding to go to university there was a major decision for Cole and it affected her life in many ways.   One way is that this made her consider all of the other people in the world.   She also began to think differently about America.   Finally, Cole decided to leave the Roman Catholic Church, and instead started practicing Lutheranism.   Cole’s life was affected when she went to university in Montreal, because she became more open-minded, developed a new view of America, and converted from Roman Catholicism to Lutheranism.  
The first way that going to university in Montreal affected Cole’s life was that she opened her mind to different types of people.   There was a large amount of diversity in the student body when she was attending university at McGill.   Approximately 60% of the foreign students were from the Caribbean and central America, 30% from Asia, and 10% from Africa (Cameron).   These statistics about diversity at McGill University demonstrate that Cole was exposed to a wide variety of people and cultures while in Montreal. She experienced this diversity by meeting many different people there, “There were people from all over the world… like from Jamaica, Barbados, South Africa, England… So I was exposed to a lot of eye-opening experiences” (Cole Personal Interview 2).   Meeting all of these different people gave Cole a chance to...

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