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Historical Criticsm Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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Historical Criticism
  I. Historical Criticism
  A. Structure of historical criticism
  1) Type of criticism that is an understanding of literary work
  a) Investigation of the social, cultural, and intellectual context
  i. Necessarily includes artist’s biography
  ii. Milieu
  b) Critics less concerned with explaining literary significance
  i. Rather than helping understand work by recreating
  ii. Exact meaning and impact on original audience
  2) Historical meaning begins from exploration of change over time
  a) Analysis of William Blake’s poem “London”
  i. Examines different connotations of different words
  ii. Different for poem’s original readers
  b) Explores associations with an eighteenth century English reader
  i. Correlations with images and characters
  ii. Like poem’s persona
  c) Chimney sweep
  i. Type of exploited child laborer
  ii. No longer exists in society
  B. Ancient literature
  1. No doubts of the value of historical criticism
  a) Many social, cultural, and linguistic changes
  i. Older texts are incomprehensible
  ii. Requires scholarly assistance
  b) Historical criticism helps understand modern texts
  2. Weldon Kee’s “For My Daughter”
  a) One learns a great deal by considering rudimentary historical facts
  i. The year which the poem was published (1940)
  ii. Nationality of its author(American)
  iii. Questioning how information has shaped meaning of poem
  b) War had broken out in Europe in 1940
  i. Americans realized their country would be drawn soon
  ii. Still recovering from the Depression
  c) Future seemed bleak, uncertain, and dangerous for young Kees
  3) Simple historical analysis helps explain pessimism of Kees’ poem
  a) Psychological critic insists Kees’s personality played crucial role
  b) Writing a paper on a   poem
  i. Explore time
  ii. Place of its creation affect its meaning
  II. Imagism
  A. Erza Pound’s...

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