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Historical Investigation Essay

  • Submitted by: taykray
  • on November 12, 2012
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Historical Investigation
Korean War
To what extent did the U.S Military Policies during the Korean War contribute to the No Gun Massacre of 1950?

Veiled behind the forgotten war of history is the brutal massacre of an unknown number of Korean refugees around the village of No Gun Ri in central South Korea. This investigation will assess the correlation between U.S military policy, in terms of the movement of refugees during the Korean War, and the No Gun Ri Massacre. In assessing how the military policies were partly responsible for the massacre, documents and details from US military records regarding the No Gun Ri incident are examined. Two of the sources used in the essay, Beyond No Gun Ri: Refugees and the United States Military in the Korean War by Sahr Conway-Lanz and a letter, known as the Muccio Letter, by the US Ambassador to Korea, John J. Muccio, are evaluated for the origins, purposes, values, and limitations.
After World War Two, the Korean peninsula was split into the Soviet supported North, and the American supported south. Five years later, on 15th of June, 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea in an effort to reunite the country. In just a matter of days, the North had occupied Seoul, the capital of South Korea. President Truman’s policy of containment was put to the test by this invasion. The United States appealed to the United Nations to condemn the attack and requested member countries to support South Korea in resisting the North Korean incursion. North Korean efforts to reunite Korea advanced rapidly until UN forces entered the South to repel the attack.
  * The only area of South Korea unoccupied by the North was the Pusan Perimeter, a small port along the southern-coast of Korea. After the Battle of the Pusan Perimeter, and a massive amphibious landing at the western-coast port of Inchon, UN forces maintained a steady move northward and use to their...

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