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History Essay

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  • on February 20, 2012
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Assess the importance of the Crimean war (18-54-1856) for Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century.

The Crimean war, known under several other names, was a war fought between Russia against France, Britain, The Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Sardinia. The Crimean war stays a turning point in history since it had created a new Europe.
The Crimean war lasted for 3 years; from October 1853 till February 1856. This was a violent war; it had the highest casualty rate of any conflict in Europe from 1815 till 1914. The war had several causes; Russia demanded that the Ottoman Empire allowed Russia to protect the Eastern Orthodox believers in Turkey. Turkey refused and Russia declared war on Turkey and sent their troops into Ottoman territory. Britain and France declared war on Russia because Russia had a thriving determination to expand their empire and gain a warm water sea port. Britain and France, two of the allies, did not agree with this at the least and were threatened by Russia’s rising amount of power. So they supported Turkey so that they could try to tame Russia’s growing power.  
The Crimean war was very important because it was a power struggle between Russia and Britain. The winner of this war would eventually show who would have the major power in the world. Both countries supported different believes, different religions, different governments and completely different people.   Britain had the largest empire of the world and Russia’s was viciously growing. The outcome of the war would choose the outcome of Europe and possibly even the world for decades.
The number of casualties on both sides was humongous. The British and it’s allies lost 300,000- 375,000 soldiers and the Russian had lost 220,000 one of the Russian losses being their tsar, Nicholas the 1st. a lot of soldiers died afterward because of the poor treated wounds. Army hospitals were full of soldiers whom were still wearing their old uniforms covered in dirt and blood. The...

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