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History Essay

  • Submitted by: odoff32
  • on November 12, 2012
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During the time of the Revolutionary War there were three sides arguing over whether or not they should fight. The three sides were Patriots, Loyalists, and Neutralist. A Patriot is someone who was all for the war because they wanted independence from England. Loyalists are people who were against war because they remained loyal to Britain. They also thought colonists were virtually represented in Parliament, where as Patriots thought they weren’t. Neutralists were the people that tried to stay as uninvolved in the war as possible. The side that had the strongest argument would have to be the patriots because, they believed in “no taxation without representation”, believed in complete independence from England, and Americans could fend for themselves.

No taxation without representation came along after the French and Indian war. The French and Indian war was fought between the British and the French during the time period of 1754-1763. After that war, the British went into a huge debt and they decided to tax the colonists to help pay for it. England started making all these new acts to help pay. The acts were stricter enforcement and nothing could go through without being taxed first. Colonists felt their rights as Englishmen were being violated and they felt they should only be taxed by their elected officials. Colonists felt England wasn’t representing them in parliament. Since colonist weren’t being represented they thought they shouldn’t be taxed because they felt like their own country. Not only did patriots strongly believe in no taxation without representation, they also wanted complete independence from England.

Many people inspired Americans to become completely independent from England. John Locke had many ideas about natural rights of man and the social contract theory. What this means is people give the government its power in exchange for protection of their right. Also, if government doesn’t protect people’s rights, the people can abolish the...

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