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History Essay

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  • on November 13, 2012
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Chapter 9

Along the northeastern coast, there was a variety of industry including cotton spinning, iron and steel, paper, salt, and textiles. Paper, textile, and cotton spinning industries were most popular right along the coast. And the iron and steel along with glass were more dispersed the further you got from the coast. In the southern part of the country, there were more plantations than anything else. They grew staple crops such as tobacco and cotton and had to import many of their supplies from European countries or the North. And the western part of the U.S. was mostly farms.
      After the revolutionary war, the northeastern part was able to become more industrious with the factories and machinery advances. The south was able to keep their staple crops growing with the use of imported slaves and the west was able to keep expanding the land to keep growing their farms.

In 1790 most of the area west of the trans Appalachia was still possessed by Native American tribes. But by 1830,white expansion was threatening their land. The tribes created different tactics of resistance and survival along with ways to keep their culture and way of life alive. The tribes that wanted to resist the whites included the Shawnee and Creek. But tribes like the Cherokee aimed for peaceful ways of going about the situation. However neither strategy proved to be completely successful.
Between the years of 1790 to 1830, the federal government had placed policies that set the guidelines for the Indian-White affairs. The policies were intended to help the native’s shift into white culture, but in reality they just sped up the process of land being transferred from the natives control to white. This strategy of treaties seemed to be successful.

The most obvious circumstance would be the fact that the population was made up of a variety of different European settlers, so there wasn’t a real dominant ethnicity. However, for the most part, all of the settlers wanted the...

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