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History Assignment Essay

  • Submitted by: gooey456
  • on October 6, 2012
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Compared to the early 1900’s the lifestyle of modern Australian people is vastly different. The living conditions and lifestyles of all class have changed dramatically. This is due to increasing technology and government laws. Throughout history Australians have seen themselves as an egalitarian society; however this has never been true, which you can see through the society of the early 1900’s.

The living standards in the 1900’s were quite different from what we have today. People lived in different classes, depending on how they lived and earned money. The people who lived in the working class suburbs in the city were mainly clustered with ‘small’ houses built next door to many factories.   People had to live in bad conditions, things like unhealthy states, poorly built tenements. The worse place for a working class person to live were rows of cramped and badly built houses and unskilled workers rarely earned enough money to buy a house, so they paid out rent most of their lives. The working class men and women had little money to send their children to school, so they sent them out to work to earn more money. As a result this led to poor education and the children fewer chances in life.  
The upper and middle class suburbs would own a large house with good sized yards. They were most unlikely to have a factory near them. These people could afford to send their children to private schools; they had better health conditions and contributed in voting for non labour at the elections. From the source 1.2.4 (right hand side) the picture is saying that the upper and middle class people could afford to go to the races and bet on them. Yet they are all dressed fancy so they could afford to go to the races and dress comfortably.
Another source 1.1.2 is telling a poem about a country man moving to the city to find a job, but finds that it is really quite clustered and no one talks to each other, they have one job to do and that’s that. He doesn’t like it because he...

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