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History Essay

  • Submitted by: Lsmith44
  • on January 27, 2013
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Imperialism is the policy in which stronger nations extend their economic poltical, or military

control over waeker territories was already a trend around the world. Imperialism is done by force.

From the earliest years of nationhood, many americans looked for ways to expand the United

States,both territorially and econmically.The United States was protected on both sides by vast

oceans,and american citizens generally wanted to keep the rest of the world at arm's length.

Reasons for Imperialism ,a desire for a miliary strength.The U.S had the techology to

produre more than american people could cousume american needed more raw material. By then the

United States had been settled,andthe nation experienced an explosive period of business and

industrial growth. By the turn of the century, the economy of the United States was the world's

Strongest. Industrial and agricultural output grew rapidly to the point where it became necessary for

businesses to find   foregin markets to sell their goods. Many americans had other reasons,besides

economic considerations, for supporting imperialism. Some people hoped that interest and

involvement in foreign affairs would divert attention from worries and concerns about domestic


The event that most clearly demonstrates the imperialistic tendencies of the United States at the turn of the century is the spanish-american war. Imperialistic-minded americanhad

long desired to expand american control over cuba,located just 90 miles off the cost of florida. Public

pressure to support the cuban rebels increased throughout president Grover Clevaland's

administration and continued when Willam Mckinley took office in 1897. On february 15, 1898, the

american battleship U.S.S Maine, anchored in havana harbor, exploded killing over 260 saliors. The  

treaty gave almost all of spain's colonies- Cuba, the Philippines,...

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