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History Essay

  • Submitted by: WilsonTedrick1
  • on October 20, 2013
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1801-1809.. Jefferson became President, partly because of them3/5ths cause, gave him a extra advantage of winning the election.
He cut spending and taxes at the same time, eliminated the debt.
Cut about 50 percent of the army in half. But he believed in having a strong army or defense but wanted it to be small.
United States and France not on good terms, Spain gave France Louisiana.
Did not want napoleon to have Louisiana, thought he could stop them from traveling on the Mississippi River.
Jefferson sent some people to negotiate with him, but were surprised because he offered to sell the place because he was going to war and he needed cash sold it for about 15 million dollars.
Jefferson had already planned the Lewis and Clark Expedition, may have wanted to make a claim with the Louisiana Territory. Cost him $2,500 dollars for the expedition. Sends them out west, there job is to make peace with the Indians, take notes on the fish and life their surroundings. Try to meet Indians and negotiate with them make agreements. Also gave them gifts. Described wild life, catfish.
The whole expedition took two years, 1804-1806.
Traveled by foot and canoe
A deal that the northern states made with the southern states.
1808 they banned the external buying of slaves, could not import them from the Caribbean islands.
John Marshal, cousin of Jefferson but they hated each other. Adams administration forgot to deliver a letter giving the judgeship to Marbury, but the secretary forgot to deliver it to Marbury. Ordered Marbury to give him his commission so that he could take up his job.
  1. Was Marbury entitled to the commission? Does he have a right? Yes Marbury was right.
  2. Does the Supreme Court have to power to make Madison hand it over? Writ of mandamus.   Yes the Supreme Court can issue the sec of state.
  3. Jurisdiction? Do Supreme Court have jurisdiction over this case? NO, had...

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