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History of Allergy Essay

  • Submitted by: snowboyy
  • on January 7, 2013
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History of Allergies
Allergies in Historical Perspective
"Allergic diseases are often viewed as modern day
ailments—in part because there has been an
increase in the number of individuals affected,
but also because allergy awareness has increased
dramatically. Before the 20th century, the
symptoms of allergic reactions would come and
go, seemingly triggered by invisible causes.
Because of the mysterious nature of allergies,
ancient people believed that reactions were
brought about by evil spirits, curses"
Allergies Historical Perspective
Early Reports of Allergies
"Perhaps the earliest report of allergic disease is
that of King Menses of Egypt, who was killed by
the sting of a wasp at some time between 3640
and 3300 BC. Another report from ancient history
is that of Britannicus, the son of the Roman
Emperor Claudius. He was allergic to horses and
"would develop a rash and his eyes swelled to the
extent that he could not see where he was
going". Accordingly, the honour of riding at the
head of the young patricians fell to Nero who was
Claudius’s adopted son. Nero allegedly threw
Christians to the lions and killed Britannicus. Sir
Thomas More gives the next authoritative account
of allergy: King Richard III used his allergy to
strawberries to good effect in arranging the
judicial murder of Lord William Hastings. The King
surreptitiously ate some strawberries just prior to
giving an audience to Hastings and promptly
developed acute urticaria. He then accused
Hastings of putting a curse on him, an action that
demanded the head of Hastings on a plate."

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