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History of Brakes Essay

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  • on October 19, 2013
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History of the Development of Brakes

The first brakes were drum brakes. They were metal upon metal, and
made a terrible noise, although they did work. Since then, brakes have
been made with asbestos, which is heat resistant, hard wearing, and
relatively silent.

Drum Brake (1890s~1980s)

The working parts of a drum brake are contained in a hard
metal drum that is attached to the hub of a wheel and revolves with
it. Inside, but unattached to the drum, are a pair of stationary
curved brake shoes that are normally held away from the drum by
springs. When the brake pedal is depressed, fluid is forced through
the brake lines and into the wheel cylinder. Pushrods in the cylinder
then apply pressure to both shoes, overcoming the spring tension and
pressing the shoes against the drum. Hydraulic drum brakes can also be
mechanically activated as parking brakes by a cable attached to the
lever. When pressure is removed from the brake pedal, springs on the
brake shoes force the shoes back to their normal released position.
This movement of the shoes forces the pistons inward, returning the
fluid to the master cylinder reservoir.

Power Brakes (1940s~present)

Power brake units used on passenger cars are of four general
types: vacuum suspended; air suspended; hydraulic booster, and
electro-hydraulic booster. Most power brakes use vacuum suspended
units, which contains a large vacuum-powered booster device to provide
the added thrust to the typical power-brake. Pressure on the brake
pedal pushes forward a rod connected to the pistons of the two master
cylinders. The pistons begin forcing fluid into the front and rear
brake lines. At the same time, the brake-pedal pushrod positions the
vacuum-control valve so that it closes the vacuum port and seals off
the forward half of the booster unit. The engine vacuum line then
draws off the air, creating a low-pressure vacuum chamber. Atmospheric
pressure in the control...

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