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History of Marketing Essay

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Below is an essay on "History of Marketing" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

This article examines whether business really is undergoing a revolution or just the latest in a series of
Incremental changes with the universal and seemingly exponential spread of Internet technology. While
It is tempting to regard the Internet as a unique challenge through its dual role as a driver of change and
Provider of tools for change, the article begins by drawing upon a number of historical precedents in
Order to question some of the ‘hype’ surrounding current Internet developments. By analyzing relevant
Literature and primary data from a number of case studies in the UK and USA, we then examine the
Particular challenges facing marketing to establish whether there are any parallels in marketing history
From which lessons for the future may be learned. We conclude from our examples that many ‘new’
Developments have in fact been practiced for centuries and traditional processes are an important
Constituent of ‘evolutionary’ rather than ‘revolutionary’ innovation.    
BIOGRAPHY - LISA HARRIS (lisa.harris@brunel.ac.uk)
Lisa Harris ACIB, MBA, MCIM, PhD, Chartered Marketer is a Lecturer in the School of Business and
Management, Brunel University, and Course Director of the ecommerce BSc. She teaches Marketing
And ecommerce courses for both the University and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and is
Secretary of the CIM’s Royal Counties Branch. Her research interests are currently focused upon the
Management challenges facing traditional organizations introducing ecommerce strategies.
BIOGRAPHY – GERALDINE COHEN (geraldine.cohen@brunel.ac.uk)
Geraldine Cohen Dipl.Ing., MBA. (INSEAD), MCIM, Chartered Marketer is a Lecturer in Marketing at the
School of Business and Management, Brunel University. Although her main research interests lie in the
Area of Marketing for Professional Services which forms the subject of her PhD, she has long been
Fascinated by various aspects of marketing history. She is a member...

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