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Hoarding Essay

  • Submitted by: ajfeeley
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: English
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“Have you seen the show Hoarders? that shit is so crazy” Someone asks me. And all I do is think.
The only thing I used my home for was a place to sleep. It wasn’t a home for me. But it was my home. As soon as you walk in the door, you’re swallowed by piles and piles of stuff. Not necessarily stuff you need either. Just stuff. Some useable. Some not. But it was piled everywhere on everything. On the dining room table, on the chairs for the dining room table and even under the table. Everywhere. Dusty boxes, dusty everything because nothing has been touched in years. The kitchen was barely ever used nor the family room. It wasn’t always that bad, but it never gets better. That’s for sure. My mom is a hoarder. She’s such a wonderful person, so happy but that’s the thing about hoarders, you never know just by looking at them that they have such an interesting disorder. Like drug users you usually can tell. Bags under their eyes, zoned Look across their face, marks on their skin, but no, hoarders, they’re unusual. But growing up with one I understand it and them. It’s psychological. Something happened to them in their life that makes them want to hold onto everything. It’s a form of OCD. And usually if someone is a hoarder they have other problems as well, like my mother; depression, anxiety, and their social skills are not the same as everyone else’s. Hoarding engulfs someone’s life and controls it. Like it did mine and I’m not even the hoarder.
Growing up, I never had anyone over. I was always at friends’ houses. I felt more comfortable at other peoples’ houses because they always seemed more normal. And they were.   People would ask to come over to my house and I would have to make up excuses like, “My mom isn’t here” or “I can’t have people over, I’m grounded” which were all lies. I’ve never been grounded and my mom was always home. I was just embarrassed. It was because at the time, I didn’t understand. I often walked home with people from school and would...

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