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Holden and Religion Essay

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  • on November 13, 2012
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Did you know? 33% of the world’s population are Christian Catholic. That is about 2.2 billion people. Here in the Philippines, 81% are Christian Catholic that is about 75 million Filipinos. With these statistics, we could definitely say that the church is very powerful, maybe be more powerful than the government itself. The church can manipulate people, manipulate people just by words. When the church simply tells us “You will go to hell when you do this”, all the devoted Catholics, especially the adults will obey what they say. This power makes them superior, that is why they have the courage to say something against the government; Saying something that hinders the government to propose great ideas. This perhaps, makes people or especially the teenagers, just like Holden Caulfield, stop being religious and become more discouraged in obeying the church’s teachings.

The church is so powerful that they can convince people to do what they want the people to do. That is why there is what you call the separation of the church and the state. But them having power, power because of the people, doesn’t make them stop interfering with the state and politics, interfere with the different rules and different proposed laws of the government’s legislative branch. There are times they use the people to turn against the government. It is not actually bad, that the church give their opinion to an issue but the problem is that they only base their answer using the bible. Just for an example the RH bill, the RH bill wants to allow and distribute contraception to couples so that in this way, there would be no accidental pregnancy and also reduce the infancy rate. A great idea right? But what the church keeps on saying is that God said in the bible “Go Forth and Multiply”. God said that thousands of years ago. Where there were only Adam and Eve. Today, there are already about 7 billion people around the globe and 95 million in the Philippines alone. How could they still say “Go...

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